About TF Media

We are an Brazilian Private Ad-network with our own DSP platform and direct deals with worldwide publishers, reaching more than 5 billions monthly impressions. Since 2013 we work with afilliate market. We are based in Brazil with offices in São Paulo, NYC and London.


Mobile Traffic
  • We have direct deals with million apps around the world, and also web-mobile inventory.
  • Our own private AdNetwork composed by premium web-sites to work only with Rich Media Banners.
WhatsApp Marketing
  • Enginee used as an Relationship Marketing, to increase your customer engagement.
SMS Marketing
  • Platform to send SMS worldwide, using our or client DMP.
Search Remarketing
  • Follow all your costumer journey according to his interest.
Push Notification
  • Extreme geolocated media, used to store visits and mobile conversion.
  • Pré-roll Biggest inventory in Latin America, with huge complete view rate.
  • More than 20.000 wi-fi networks integrated with our DSP.
E-mail Marketing
  • More than 100MM users around the world, which can be clustered by several interest.
Google Ads
  • We optmize your ROI using our experienced BI Team.
  • Social Campaigns crossing our DMP and social Data to increase your results.
Influenciadores Digitais/Streamers
  • More than 8.000 premium influencers in Latin and North America to produce content.

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